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Your Child and the Telly.

Hello fellow parents and would-be parents!

So much has been said about the impact of technology on our lives – good and bad. But is television as bad as it has been demonized? Let’s seek to find out today. I promise you that by the end of this article, you’ll totally have changed your perspective on this issue, completely. Now, shall we begin?

Before we begin, take time to answer these questions. Remember to be honest!

  • How many hours does your child spend watching the telly?
  • List at least five programs your child likes watching.
  • Of what benefit are the listed programs to your child? Information? Entertainment?
  • What if your child missed watching any of the listed programs, how would that affect them – positively or negatively?

Don’t be too fast to answer them before you read this. You can also use the questions to gauge yourself.

Researchers have constantly made inquiries on the effects of TV on children, their findings are scaring, to say the least.

Research has repeatedly indicated that the impact on children is detrimental. Analysts report that watching TV steals into the time required for a child to grow and develop. At this stage of life, one is required to develop social skills, language skills and even cognitively by interacting one on one with people but this doesn’t happen. In fact, many ignorant parents use Television as a substitute to babysitting. This ends up messing the child completely and he/she may never get to reach their potential.

Children under such TV tendencies are prone to child obesity because they rarely go out – they’re couch potatoes. I believe you know the catastrophic effects of obesity, let’s name them:

  • Greater risk of heart attack.
  • Diabetes.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Hypertension or even death.

Let me emphasis this; the brain functioning of the child may never get to its optimum and thus poor performance in school. He/she may also develop a short concentration life span in class owing to the fact that they are used to quick video simulation as opposed to the slow-speaking teacher. This, in effect, contributes to low grades.

Lastly, on the moral issue. Our television screens are awash with violence and morally-stinking content. If we continue letting them grow in such an environment, then, we’ll be sure of raising psychopathic and immoral citizens.

However, TV is not all bad when used in moderation. Research has also shown that children watching informative programs like reading of stories, have had their report books registering high grades than those who don’t.

Therefore, let’s raise our kids wisely.

Did you know that TV shortens your lifespan by 22 minutes for every hour spent on it, after the age of 25 years?

Watch out for the next article!

Talk to you soon!

Widows are People!

On this #174 Day of the year 2017, did you know that it marks the International Widows day? I guess you didn’t and there many others like you…But why? Give me a minute of your time and I’ll explain why. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

The United Nations compiled an article Invisible Women, Invisible problems. It talks about a widow. The life they are subjected to live shortly after the inevitable demise of their husbands, the struggles, the frustrations etc. For the better part of this article, I’m going to refer to it.

The title of the UN article is self-explanatory…you can second-guess what follows. Then it goes ahead and begins,”Absent in statistics, unnoticed by researchers, neglected by national and local authorities and mostly overlooked by civil society organizations – the situation of widows is a dramatic and, in effect, invisible.” This opening paragraph speaks to the way widows are neglected and ignored. No one seems to care about their welfare.

“Once widowed, women in many countries often confront a denial of inheritance and land rights, degrading and life-threatening mourning and burial rites and other forms of widow abuse. Widows are often evicted from their homes and physically abused – some even killed – even by members of their own family,” it reads in part. This section paints the real ‘ugly and reeking’ picture on the ground of what they go through. Some are even forced to be wife-inherited to their late husband’s male relative.

Is this fair at all?

Children raised by widows are adversely affected. For instance, if their late father was the sole breadwinner in the household, their studies end up being affected owing to the high school fees. Eventually, they turn to child labour to at least provide for the family.

Are you touched?

Mind you, these children suffer emotionally due to the harsh treatment they receive from the society.

So, where is the problem?

  • Unfair cultural practices. In some countries, a widow is not supposed to inherit her late husband’s estate. Instead, she should get married to a close male relative of the husband.
  • Weak judicial systems. Even though the legal framework exists to protect both widows and their children, they don’t get justice.

What, then, is the way forward?

The UN post advocates for more research on widows and creating awareness on this issue. Further, it tasks Governments to uphold their commitments to ensure the protection of the rights of widows and children as enshrined in the International Law.

“Empowering widows through access to adequate healthcare, education, decent work, full participation in decision-making and public life, and lives free of violence and abuse, would give them a chance to build a secure life after bereavement. Importantly, creating opportunities for widows can also help to protect their children and avoid the cycle of inter-generational poverty and deprivation,” the publication concludes.

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Originally from mwangimusic:


Grizzled man.

Walking down the street,i see a lot of faces that i recognize,even though i have not met the individuals that are wearing them,the faces are wrinkled,some sad,a few are happy and smiling,and some are angry,but a single face stands out in the passing wave of humanity. A shriveled old man sited on a green plastic chair writing on an old, unkempt book that no longer has its covers. As i pass by, i quietly study what he has written on the book,i don’t quite catch it,but as i am about to look away,the man looks up at me and there is this deep,sorrowful,almost haunted look in his eyes.I hold his gaze for what seems like a lifetime and then as quickly as i can, look away, because what i see in his eyes is not what i want to see, it is not what i allow myself to see, it is dreadful…simply because, IT IS REAL.In his eyes i see that, we live in a time and place where poverty only births poverty,and riches birth,guess what, more riches.Sure there are a few of us that win the lottery once in a while, but the rest of us stay in the same level that we were born in,because whether we like it or not we are the victims of a rigged system that will always fall in favor of the rich, or the powerful, or the royal.We live in a system where the average child is sorely disillusioned and forced to fit in a box that they can not break out of,we are told to work hard in school and we will find jobs and become wealthy, we strive to do this all our lives, and eventually end up like the old man,just another statistic on someone else’s drawing board.The top one percent will always remain at the top because while the rest of us work in offices, and strive to build houses and get a big enough pension,the top one percent feeds of our hard work while sitting in million dollar couches and cars and sipping over priced wine, and only choose to reward us with the houses and pensions that only account for a fraction of the money we made for them.So now i will change the street that i take to school because i don’t want to see the old man again,i don’t want to be reminded that i  might never be the one percent, i want to keep dreaming,to keep telling myself lies that i hope will come true one day, in some alternate universe maybe, but maybe it’s not the old man’s eyes that scare me it is the fact that i see this eyes everywhere, numerous people stuck in routine unable to find their purpose.This is what scares me.

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